Airplayer status

Recent developments have made possible what a lot of people have been waiting for: AirPlay music streaming to non-Apple (licensed) hardware. A lot of people have asked me since if I could include this in Airplayer. While this is certainly possible, I've decided not to do that. Here's why.

First and foremost I just don't have the time to do it. I'm currently very busy graduating and doing job interviews.

Second I think there could be legal implications in distributing the AirTunes private key. I'm not willing to take that risk even though it might be a small risk. We've all seen how far Sony went to sue GeoHot and for me that's just not worth it.

Third and last, Shairport works very well and it's not really complicated to get it up and running. On Ubuntu for example it's just a matter of installing a few packages and some perl modules. It also runs perfectly fine along side Airplayer.

Because all of the above I really see no point in including audio streaming in Airplayer. If someone else wants to take the plunge and do it feel free to do so. Airplayer is open source with a very permissive license. I however won't accept pull requests for this specific feature for reasons stated above, so you'll have to maintain a seperate fork.